2008 09.05 - 09.26

Janaina Tschape "Aqua Viva", 2003
Press Release

*Janaina Tschape's works will be exhibited in Yokohama Civic Art Gallery.

Commemoration of the Japan-Brazil Year of Exchange
1. 100years history of Japanese Brazilian Painters
2. Encounter of Contemporary Arts of Japan and Brazil

5 - 26 September, 2008
Yokohama Civic Art Gallery

Yokohama Civic Art Gallery will hold an exhibition of Brazil ×Yokohama, Bridge Over the Distances to commemorate the Japan-Brazil Year of Exchange that celebrate the 100 year-round of Japanese in Brazil Immigrant. This exhibition is held as a “New Art Show” series that we annually organize to introduce new artistic tendencies to the wide range of people.

Japan and Brazil has built up a close friendship. It is known that the 250,000 Japanese immigrated to Brazil since the first immigrants shipped out to Brazil from Kobe by Kasadomaru in 1908. There are about 1,500,000 Japanese Brazilian live in Brazil and its Japanese Community is the largest in the world. Quite a few of them have left remarkable achievement in business, technology, science, art and other various fields. Also in Japan, many Brazilian live and work to contribute to the prosperity of Japan. As many immigrants shipped out to Brazil from the Port of Yokohama, Yokohama has a close relationship with Brazil. Thus, we believe it meaningful for the City of Yokohama to have the exhibition to introduce the artistic relationship of Japan and Brazil on the occasion of the year of Japan-Brazil Year of Exchange. This exhibition is organized as a official event of the Japan Brazil Year of Exchange.

We try to relate this exhibition to the Yokohama Triennale 2008, which is took place in the same period in the close area. We intend our exhibition, bridge over the distances, to provide an occasion to consider the theme of the Triennale, Time Crevasse.

This exhibition consists of the following two parts.

I. 100 years history of Japanese -Brazilian Painters
To commemorate 100yars Anniversary of Japanese Brazilian Immigration, Consulado Geral do Japao em Sao Pulo organized an exhibition of 100 years History of Japanese Brazilian Painters, which traces their footpath from the first generation to the fourth generation of this day. This exhibition will tour Japanese museums and galleries including the Yokohama Civic Art Gallery.
The exhibition consist of about 90 works of 44 artists who are /were appreciated not only in Brazil but also in the world. The works will be shown in four sections according to the artists’ generation. The first generation starts with Foujita Tsuguji, the pioneer of the Japanese painters who went to Brazil. In the following sections, many outstanding artists’ names can be found such as Tamaki Yuji, Okinaka Masao, Mabe Manabu, Tomie Otake, Kaneko Kennichi, Toyota Yutaka, Wakabayashi Kazuo, Oiwa Osare, Kudo James.

II. Encounter of Contemporary Arts of Japan and Brazil
The second part is the original exhibition that the Yokohama Civic Art Gallery organized. Selected four young artists from Japan and Brazil will present their original works that reflect the culture and climate of both countries.
Nobuo Mitsunashi (b.1960, Japan) will present an installation work using coffee powder, which provide an impressive experience not only visual but also scent. Nobuhiko Suzuki (b.1969, Japan) will present luminous colorful box works with glass and acrylic medium. Erica Kaminishi (b.1979) will present delicate drawings with organic forms filled with minute writing of Brazilian poems. Janaina Tschape (b. 1973) will present a film work and some photographic works.

Date: September 5-26 (open every day)

Opening hours: 10:00-1800 (entrance till 17:30)

Venue: Yokohama Civic Art Gallery

Bandaicho, Naka-ku Yokohama, 231-0003, Japan
Tel. 045-224-7920, Fax. 045-224-7928

Admission fee: 500 yen (over 18 years old)
Free for handicapped person and his/her company.

Part 1; Organized by : Yokohama Civic Art Gallery(Yokohama Arts Foundation),Sociedade Brasileira de Cultura Japonesa e de Assistencia Social , Co-orgazed by : Associacao do Centenario da Imigracao Japonesa no Brasil, Associacao dos Cem Anos da Imigracao Japonesa no Brasil (Japao) / Supported by : Embassy of Brazil, Associacao Central Nipo-Brasileira, Kyoto Society for Inter-Art Exchange(NPO)
Part 2; Organized by : Yokohama Civic Art Gallery(Yokohama Arts Foundation) / Supported by : City of Yokohama,Civic Engagement Promotion Breau,Embassy of Brazil,The Kanagawa Shimbun, Television KANAGAWA, RF Radio Nippon Co.,LTD, Yokohama F.M Broadcasting Co.,LTD, Yokohama-city Cable Television Association

Granted by :Japan Arts Fund

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