Takanori Ishizuka:NEWoMan SHINJUKU / Tokyo

Takanori Ishizuka:

©Takanori Ishizuka
Press Release

Takanori Ishizuka’s work “Where are we from? Where are we now? Where are we going?” is currently on view in the show window of NEWoMan 2F in the proximity of JR Shinjuku’s Miraina Tower Gate.
The work evokes memories of an emotional journey where themes like nature, travels, camping, migrations, are connected, while hinting at Paul Gauguin’s painting with which it shares a similar title, and reenacts a way to display artworks that historically links show windows to science museums, as illustrated by Toshiharu Itou’s book Diorama Transformation 1435 – 2020.
The work will be on view until November 16.

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