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Vik Muniz | About "Postcards from Nowhere" series | The New York Times (digital version, October 15)

©Vik Muniz The Golden Temple, Postcards from Nowhere | 2015
Press Release

The New York Times (digital version, October 15) is presenting a special piece on Vik Muniz's well-known series "Postcards from Nowhere". This body of works simultaneously addresses issues of loss and the dissemination of images. The rise of technology has greatly altered the material value of postcards, as well as their traditional importance as a personal, tactile, and unique keepsake. "Postcards from Nowhere" depict lost or drastically changed popular destinations – the Twin Towers in the New York Financial District, a once-luxurious beach in Beirut – that have been affected by technology as well as violence.
Muniz's postcards are the focus of APERTURE Foundation's upcoming publication this coming November of a limited-edition titular book.

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