Vik Muniz's Participation in

Vik Muniz's Participation in "Frieze Sculpture 2019" | Regent's Park/ London

©Vik Muniz
Press Release

Vik Muniz’s work is on view at “Frieze Sculpture 2019”, Regent’s Park, London.
Curator of this edition is Clare Lilley wildly known as director of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
Displayed according to a well-balanced installation, the sculptures draw the audience with all their power and stimulate their thinking to the utmost.
This exhibition presents a Matchbox E-type Jaguar, part of Muniz’s vintage Matchbox cars collection, which was digitally enlarged and reproduced showing every scratch, ding, and chip.
The work investigates the definition of lust and ambitions for success, power, masculinity, desires and so forth, aspects which are all piled up in the background.
(On view until October 6th)

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