Pin-Ling Huang: Solo Exhibition

Pin-Ling Huang: Solo Exhibition "Unknown Road" | Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts/ KdMoFA (Taipei)

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Press Release

Pin-Ling Huang’s new works are on view in occasion of the artist’s solo show “Unknown Road” at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts/ KdMoFA (Taipei). The artist presents her new works made during her residency program at Jeonbuk Museum of Art (Korea) last June.
Working on her creations in a studio space located in a small village surrounded by mountains, the artist has transported in her works the natural landscape around her, as well as scenes from her everyday life, mixing these new elements with her unique style.
Unlike her usual practice, this time Huang has embraced the use of “hanji”, Korean traditional paper to replace the canvas.
The exhibition is on until July 28th.

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