Chih-Hung Liu:

Chih-Hung Liu: "Nothing but Time ~ Romantic Route 3" Art Festival | Taiwan

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Press Release

Chih-Hung Liu is participating with an installation work in the art festival "Nothing but Time ~ Romantic Route 3" which kicked off on October 19th and will be on view until December 15th in Taiwan.

50 works are populating the Provincial Highway 3 which connects 5 provinces and 10 municipalities in Taiwan. Such winding route symbolizes Taiwan’s tortuous developmental history. Connecting 16 Hakka communities, as well as industrial roads in Western Taiwan, it had played a significant role in the development of economy, agriculture and tourism from the Japanese colonial period to the postwar Taiwan.
While enjoying the historical landscape, it is possible to enjoy the beautiful nature together with the artworks.
*Chih-Hung Liu's work is located in the city of Hsinchu.

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