Sophy Rickett in Peeping Tom at Vegas Gallery, London

Sophy Rickett in Peeping Tom
at Vegas Gallery, London

2010 2.18 - 3.28

Vauxhall Bridge, 2001, 72.5x51cm, Black and White Photograph
Press Release

Sophy Rickett participates in a group show "Peeping Tom" which runs from 18th February to 28th March at Vegas Gallery, London. For further information, please visit the website below.

Peeping Tom - Group exhibition curated by Keith Coventry
Peeping Tom was a late addition to the 11th century tale of Lady Godiva and her powerful husband, Leofric, Earl of Mercia. Peeping Tom was defined in the 17th century as "a curious prying fellow" and that definition is analogous with the idea of an artist today as someone who looks where others overlook or dismiss. The exhibition brings together many small works by various artists. Assembled together the works present a view into the multifarious interests of the artists involved - a spectacle for the scopophiliac.

Vegas Gallery

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