Kunst Oktoberfest '10

Kunst Oktoberfest '10

2010 10.30 Sat. 12:00 - 19:00

Press Release

nca | nichido contemporary art participates in Kunst Oktoberfest '10.

In Germany, there is an annual beer festival called "Kunst Oktoberfest" in October.
According to such German custom, we plan a bus tour of the contemporary galleries based in/around Chuo-ku which takes place on Saturday 30th October 2010. Buses leave every 20-25 minutes at each gallery and the participants can get on/off the bus at any gallery.
The tour offers participants "COEDO" beers whilst they enjoy the exhibitions at the galleries. This is a rare opportunity to explore the major contemporary galleries at one time. (The bus fare and beers are free of charge.)
Date:Saturday 30th October 2010, 12:00 ~19:00 
*Closing Party: 19:30 - 21:30
Yaesu Fujiya Hotel 2F (Fee: ¥3,500)


Support:Chuo-ku (MARUGOTO Museum takes place on 31st October)

Contact:info@nca-g.com tel. 03-3555-2140

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