Kunst Oktoberfest '09

Kunst Oktoberfest '09

2009 10.31 Sat. 11:00~19:00

Press Release


nca | nichido contemporary art is participating in Kunst Oktoberfest '09.

In Germany, there is an annual beer festival called "Kunst Oktoberfest" in October.
According to such German custom, we plan a bus tour of the contemporary galleries based in/around Chuo-ku which takes place on Saturday 31st October 2009. Buses leave every 20-25 minutes at each gallery and the participants can get on/off the bus at any gallery.

Following the huge success last year, this year the number of buses are incleased from four to six and the number of tour course are also incleased from one to three. In addition, the tour includes Shinwa Art Museum, Young Artist Japan. The tour offers participants "COEDO" beers whilst they enjoy the exhibitions at the galleries. This is a rare opportunity to explore the major contemporary galleries at one time. (The bus fare and beers are free of charge.)

Participating galleries:
1; Gallery Koyanagi 2; TOKYO Gallery+B.T.A.P 3; TARONASU 4; ARATANIURANO 5; MEGUMI OGITA STUDIO 6; taguchi fine art 7; Wada Fine Arts 8; unseal contemporary 9; art project frantic 10; TKG editions 11; CASHI 12; Galerie Sho Contemporary Art 13; BASE Gallery 14; Wada Garou 15; GALLERY HASHIMOTO(space355) 16; ART★AIGA 17; kunst-bau|tokyo 18; Gallery αM 19; Gallery Cellar 20; Sanagi Fine Arts 21; LOWER AKIHABARA. 22; Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG 23; nca | nichido contemporary art (in random order)

Other busstops; Shinwa Art Museum, TOKYO KOTSU KAIKAN (YOUNG ARTISTS JAPAN Vol.2), The Royal Park Hotel
Date: Saturday, 31st October 2009, 11:00 ~19:30 

Cooperation: Gallery TAGBOAT Inc./ Shinwa Art Auction Co., Ltd./ Kyodoshoji Corporation Limited COEDO BREWERY/ HINOMARU LIMOUSINE Co., Ltd.

Support: Chuo-ku (MARUGOTO Museum takes place on 1st November)

Simultaneous events: Emerging Directors' Art Fair "ULTRA002", Young artists Japan Vo.2, AOSANDO ART FAIR

Venue for the joint reception: SPIRAL 20:00~ (a membership fee will be charged)

Contact: info@nca-g.com tel. 03-3555-2140

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