Storytellers -Through the lens of contemporaneity Vol.2 Ting-Tong Chang

Storytellers -Through the lens of contemporaneity
Vol.2 Ting-Tong Chang

2022 11.11 - 11.23

©Ting-Tong Chang | photo by Liu Che-chun
Press Release

Vol.2 Ting-Tong Chang
11.11 (fri.) – 11.23 (wed.)

Venue: nca | nichido contemporary art
Gallery hours: Tue. – Sat. 11:00~19:00 (Closed on Sun., Mon., and National Holiday)
*The artist will be in the gallery on November 22 (tue.)
*the gallery will be open as usual on November.23 (wed.)
Vol.1 Sokchalina Lim 10/28 - 11/9
Vol.2 Ting-Tong Chang / 11.11 – 11.23
Vol.3~Vol.5 / Coming soon

nca | nichido contemporary art is pleased to present “Storytellers -Through the lens of contemporaneity” a group show that presents a selection of video works by four internationally acclaimed artists from Asia.
Over the past years we have been witnessing increasing interest in video art with an ever-growing presence of video works at major, international art events, such as Documenta, the Biennale and so forth.
Video art is a highly diverse genre that keeps our senses constantly engaged through video installations, for instance, whether they may be representing a performance or an object.
The exhibition puts together four artists whose artistic practice strongly focuses on video art, each through their unique expressive language, and investigates the different issues that are affecting their countries nowadays while travelling through history. The exhibition time will be arranged in four “volumes” corresponding to the number of the participating artists and their work will be presented accordingly in the form of a solo show.

Vol.2 presents the work of Ting-Tong Chang
At the chore of Ting-Tong Chang (b. 1982, Taiwan; lives and works in Taipei)’s work lies a thorough analysis of the issues affecting societies today, such as the ecological and social impact our consumeristic way of life has been contributing to, or yet the illogical and unjust nature of the system they have created. Through a versatile approach that ranges from drawing to performance, sculpture and video art, Chang uses his work to embrace science, technology and history while deconstructing the world around him.
On view in the gallery’s main space is the artist’s installation piece “SOAP” consisting of one video work and small-scale soap sculptures. For this project, Ting-Tong Chang draws inspiration from an instance of fake news that circulated during World War I, namely “Kadaververwertungsanstalt” (literally, Carcass-Utilization Factory). Such news was deliberately spread by the British Intelligence which through the media machine, fabricated a story about the Germans having built a secret factory in the heart of a German forest where they dissolved corpses into soap for army use when resources were scarce.
In addition, the exhibition features Chang’s latest video work, “The Blue Wave Women”, which will be presented this month on occasion of Jeju Biennale 2022, and which taps into the mythical nature of the island, along with other works.

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