Jan Van Oost

Jan Van Oost


Salome 1990 35 x 13 x 15 cm Cast silver Black widow


JAN VAN OOST ∞Deinze 1961 (B)
Lives and works in Ghent (B) and Toscana (I)

1984 Foundation Gewad, Gent (B)

1985 Vereniging voor het Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst, Gent
with Patrick Van Caeckenberghe (B), cat.

1986 Initiatief 86, Galerie Joost Declercq, Gent (B), cat.
1986 Foundation De Appel, Amsterdam (NL), cat.
1986 Galerie Albert Baronian, Brussels (B)
1986 Galerie Albert Baronian, Knokke (B)

1987 Galerie Joost Declercq, Gent (B)
1987 Centre d'Art Contemporain, Gen.ANKve (CH), curator Adelina von FN8rstenberg

1989 Galerie Joost Declercq, Knokke-Zoute (B)
Galerie Wolff, New York (USA) with Robert Gober, Juan Mu.ANRoz, Lili Dujourie

1990 Arco/Galerie Xavier Hufkens, Madrid (E)
1990 Jan Van Oost, Museum Het Kruithuis,'s-Hertogenbosch (NL), cat.
1990 Salom.ANH, Galerie Xavier Hufkens, Brussels (B)
1990 Galerie Air de Paris, Nice (FR)

1992 Galerie Xavier Hufkens, Brussels (B)
1992 Brigittenkapel, Brussels (B)
1992 Studio Oggetto, Milano (I)

1992 Galerie Air de Paris
1992 Boulevard des Moulins, Monte Carlo with Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster and
Felix Gonzalez-Torres

1994 Galerie Xavier Hufkens, Brussels (B)

1995 Galleria Galliani, Genova (I)

1996 C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore (U.S.A.)
1996 Cut and cover, Studio Oggetto, Caserta (I), cat. text Massimo Sroi
1996 Jan Van Oost, Galleria Persano, Torino (I)

1997 Galleria "La Nuova Pesa" with Wolfgang Robbe, Roma (I)
cat. text Eva Coen

1997-1998 Inferno, Galleria Lucio Amelio, Napoli (I), cat.
1998 Artissima, Torino (I), Galleria Persano
1998 Artfair, Athens (Gr), Galleria Persano
1999 Galerie Fortlaan 17, Gent (B)

1999 De Bogaerdekapel, Brugge (B), cat.
1999 Groeninghemuseum, Brugge (B)
1999 The Defect-Sentiment Show, Ileana Tounta Gallery, Athens (GR)
1999 The Sunday drawings, Ileana Tounta Gallery, Athens (GR)
2002 Galleria Giorgio Persano, Torino (I)
2002 Drawings from the Baudelaire Cycle Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle (B)
2003 Drawings from the Baudelaire Cycle, Christophe Daviet-Derhy, Paris (FR)
In association with Ronce noir
2003 Pi.ANKce Unique Gallery, Paris (FR)
2004 Drawings of the Baudelaire Cycle, Museum NAC, Novara (I)
2005 Teatro di Silenzio, Maison Musique, Rivoli (I)

2005 The Agency Corporated, London (GB)
2005 Gallery Pi.ANKce Unique, Paris (FR)
2OO6 VANRAM Galleries ,Gent (B)
2007 First Contemporary Salon de Dessin,Paris(FR) Gallery Piece Unique
2007 Dantes'Sleep, NCA/ Nichida Contemporary art, Tokyo
2008 La profezia di Beatrice, Galleria Giacomo Guidi, Roma (I)
curator Lorand Heygi , text and cataloog
2011 Galerie Bernard Ceysson, Luxembourg
2012 Rolando Anselmi Gallery, Berlijn (D)
2013 Wattou,Belgium (B)
2013 Les Nouvelles Folies Fran.ANgaises, Paris (FR)
2013 Galeries Bernard Ceysson, Gen.ANhve (CH)

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